Monday, April 14, 2014

The Coziest Things--A Sing Long

     In preparing for this blog post I went out and conducted a Man on the street interview, asking people to define “Cozy.” Not surprisingly, I found it’s defined differently by different people. Anything from a cup of tea on a rainy day to a favorite moth-eaten sweater passed down from a grandma to granddaughter.  All shared one common thread...cozy is anything that makes one feel warm and fuzzy inside.
     But the best answer of all was sung to me, in a high, clear voice…”Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.  Bright paper packages tied up with string…”
     Good enough in and of itself, but I got to thinking how it might apply to this blog post, and more importantly, to the books this blog is promoting.  Then it hit me, a bit of revamp, a little remix, and voila a cozy little song.  Feel free to sing along…

<<Sung to the tune of My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music>>

A pair of thick socks or a day at the health spa,
Warm cookies and p-js and a day with no bra on
A book filled with romance and not just one fling…
These are a few of the coziest things…

A song that stirs memories of a night with a loved one
A day on the sofa with Murder, She Wrote on
Mysteries with bodies but no gore does it bring
These are a few of the coziest things….

Horses and saddles and boots that go scritch-scratch
Hoe downs and trail rides and dinners of “fresh catch”
A simpler life style and a cowboy who sings
These are a few of the coziest things…

When the world’s mean,
Life gets crazy,
When my date’s a cad…
I simply curl up with the coziest things
And then I don’t feel soooooo bad!

So from those of us who write these classic and cozy things, we invite you, dear readers, to cozy up and Read On!  Books by our “classic and cozy” writers can be found by clicking on the Sweet Romance, Cozy Mystery or Classic Western tabs in the top menu.  


ABOUT JAYNE:  Jayne Ormerod writes what she knows—small towns (influenced by her childhood growing up in Chagrin Falls, Ohio) and beach settings (a result of 30 years as a navy spouse, always living within a flip-flop’s throw of the ocean.)  Thanks to a youth spent reading Nancy Drew and an adulthood devouring the words of Janet Evanovich, Mary Daheim and Lillian Jackson Braun, she can now write about amateur sleuths, exploding cars and dead bodies with a modicum of authority.  You can read more about Jayne and her cozy mysteries at  


  1. Very cute. Needed to smile today

  2. Oh, you clever lady, you! Now I have that song stuck in my head. :-)

  3. I'll never watch The Sound of Music without thinking of you.