Saturday, April 19, 2014

Words to Remember

I’ve put aside my fiction La-La land world for the moment and am contracted to write a book of devotions/encouragement for mothers. As a single of mom of three grown children, I took on this Herculean task with little thought. Surely having juggled for years rearing those three kiddos I learned something I might pass on. Wow! I think I am the one learning. 

When you put pen to paper (okay, Times New Roman to blinking cursor) and begin to think of words of wisdom, you realize it’s a daunting task! What might I say to another—something they might read several years from now—which has any impact at all? 

I can speak of how different everyone is.Much like these lovely Texas bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush, we are individuals, no two are alike. Take my two daughters: one is a morning person, one doesn’t know there is a morning. How did I manage to get them running on the same clock?
I can speak of endurance; running the race; organizing; coping. My son is the leader of the pack in his company. Did I help him learn the skills he uses today? Is he the one in charge like this guy seems to be? 
I can’t answer those questions. I can plot a book, jot a story in make-believe land, create fictional characters who act like I think they should, but as a mother I did the best I could. That’s all any of us are called to do.

What I know I can pass on which will be of value, everlasting, and meaningful is God’s Holy Word. Nothing I say can ever improve on what He says. So. That’s what this writer is currently dealing with. Praying, then combing through the Bible to find words which will speak to a mom’s heart.   

But you know, praying? That’s how I begin every story I write! I heartily recommend that strategy. 
Signed: A-Mom-Who-Tried-Her-Best 
(Thanks to Gerry Olive Brown of New Braunfels, TX for the beautiful pictures!)

Eileen Key retired after teaching school for thirty years. She is a freelance writer and editor.  Mother of three, grandmother of four, Eileen resides in San Antonio, Texas.



  1. I'd find writing a devotional daunting, too. You can't "hide" behind your characters. I wish you much success with yours.

  2. Fabulous blog for today. There has been something I always wanted to write also. You are inspiring

  3. You are so right, Eileen. I'm reminded of the beginning of the book of John: "In the beginning was the word." The gift of communication is such a treasure and to begin each writing session with a prayer is to pay homage to the gift. I'm sure your words to your children will guide them well.

  4. Only once have I been asked to write a devotional piece. There was only one place to go for research and I found it in the Gospel of Matthew. I will never forget the experience or the beauty of what I found. Thank you, Eileen.

  5. Very inspiring. I trust God will give you the right words...