Tuesday, June 10, 2014

May All Your Blockages Run Free

by Sandra Wilkins

          Blockage.  That’s a nasty word just about any way you look at it.  Whether it’s the pipe from your house to your septic tank; cows, cars or construction in the road or anything in your body, it’s not usually something you want to happen. 
Normally, I don’t claim to have writer’s block.  I’ve always been one who writes when it strikes my fancy.  Well, the mood hasn’t come over me for a while now, and I’m beginning to get a tad nervous.  I’m well into my second series.  The first book is complete.  I’ve made it to the end of the second one and have begun the third.  The problem is with the second book.  By most publisher’s standards, it isn’t long enough.  Some writers have to cull and edit out extra content, but I have the opposite problem.  I want to tell the story as quickly and painlessly as possible without any unnecessary bits. 
          I’ve added a few chapters, and I just can’t pick it back up.  Those negative thoughts begin to creep in.  I wonder if what I’m writing is important.  Is what I’m adding moving the story along?  Will anyone care about these characters and what I’m doing to their lives?  Then I remember it’s my favorite book so far.  These characters are definitely real to me.  Maybe, I’m afraid to mess with their lives much more.  Everything happened as planned.  There’s that satisfying ending and they’re all happy.  What more can a person do?
          Even though I get frustrated from time to time, I trust my writing process.  It’s gotten me this far.  I know I’ll be inspired again.  I’ll be able to climb that hump and take the fun ride down the other side someday soon.  I have to have faith and know it will happen in its own time.  Everything will flow freely again.  If something is blocking you, I hope you hang in there as I am.  In the meantime if anyone has a tip or two, I’d love to read it. 
          May all your blockages run free as a faucet on a hot summer’s day.  If that’s not an Irish saying—it should be!

      Sandra Wilkins is busy writing another series while home educating her two daughters.  Ada’s Heart, Rose’s Hope and Gwen’s Honor are her first three published wholesome historical romances.  Go to www.sandrawilkins.com to find out more about her and her books.  


  1. Sandra ~
    I wish I had words of wisdom for you, but alas, I am not a writer...
    However, when I am trying to figure out a solution to a problem I tend to think about it too much. It's when I finally let it go and know the solution will come, the solution pops into my head; usually in the weirdest of places or at the strangest time.
    It will come...don't force it.

  2. Oh, Sandra, been there. Here's hoping you're back on track by the time I write this. Thanks for sharing. As much as I hate to think of another writer being stuck, it helps to know that I'm not the only one. Good luck!