Friday, June 6, 2014

Shredding Words with Sofie Couch

In the First Fridays tradition, I'm sharing my latest booky craft project: the Folded Book Business Card Holder. Yes, I'm mutilating another book, so those of you with aversions to using books for anything other than collecting dust after you've read them, look away.

Begin with a medium sized paperback book. (You'll want to find somebody else's books. You won't want to mutilate one of your favorite Classic and Cozy authors' books. :) Fold the cover in half.

Fold the pages in half - lining up the outer edge with the inside seam. 
Continue folding pages in half until your old book will lay flat on a table.
It should come out looking like 1/2 of an air filter.
 (Yeh, like I know what an air filter looks like.)
Tear off any extra pages, but save them for a later booky craft project. (We don't want to wantonly mutilate books.)
One on the library table!

Place your new business card holder on your desk and never again have to dig through a stack of business cards held together with a rubber band. Yes, books are a work of art. Through re-purposing, those same books that claimed a part of our hearts, can find new life as a piece of art!
Another one on my desk!

Sofie Couch writes sweet romantic comedy. You can read her latest, KEEPING UP WITH MR. JONES, then re-purpose it... with her blessing ;o)
Keep an eye out for her upcoming release, MR. RIGHT UNDER HER NOSE... coming soon!


  1. While I am not artsy crafty, I may try this one. Looks awesome!!

  2. Another winner from the Amazing Sofie. Love it!

  3. Sofie--
    You are so creative! It is cute and handy.