Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'll Show You My Workspace ...

... if you show me yours!
by Sierra Donovan

For this month's post, I thought I'd offer a peek at what keeps me inspired when I'm working in my home office. (The photo leaves out most of my cluttered desk, because to look upon that is to go mad.)

But here's the view from my chair. You probably noticed one peculiarity right away: a lot of Christmas decor. This isn't just because I hate to put it away (although that's certainly true). It also helps keep my mindset in the Christmas spirit, because I've been hard at work on my second holiday romance this year.

The other obvious theme is coffee. Like many writers, caffeine helps fuel my inspiration. In fact, a large portion of the current work in progress has been composed at my "other" office: my friendly neighborhood Starbucks.

But the center is where my heart really lies. The display on the fabric bulletin board shifts from time to time, but it's always a hodgepodge of personal mementos. An anniversary card from my husband. A photo of me with my sister and her friend on Coronado Island near San Diego, a photo booth strip with pictures of my husband and son, and a picture of me with my daughter. A book mark sent by a dear critique partner to remind me -- in the words of Winston Churchill -- to "Never, never, never quit."

And, up above, a plaque from my husband, reminding me where all my stories lead: "And they lived happily ever after."

For a closer look, just click on the picture!

What's in your workspace?


  1. A really charming post, Sierra. (I know that's an over-used word, but it fits here) . Love the plaque, especially since it's a gift from your husband.

  2. How fun! I love sneaking peeks at other writers' work spaces. And yours is great. I love the coffee cup clock!

  3. Sandy and Sofie, thanks for stopping by!