Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Magic of Autumn

by Gina Ardito

As a writer, I find each season a sensory delight, but autumn has magic for me the other seasons lack. I have to admit, autumn (not officially here until next week) is my favorite time of year. 

Autumn doesn't have the extremes of summer or winter. The temperatures grow cooler, and days become more focused on family, on home and hearth.

Visually, it's a stunning time. The leaves on the trees beckon for an artist's touch, their bright green shade transforming by degrees into gold and scarlet. 

Lawns are decorated with cornstalks and pumpkins and bales of hay. Children wait at the bus stop, dressed in their new clothes. 

The air becomes crisper and carries the scents of apples and nutmeg. 

At home, I go into "domestic mode." Everything gets an update--from the curtains on my windows to the food in my pantry. I spend weekends baking bread and cookies, brewing huge pots of soup and other comfort foods, and keeping the boys well-stocked with football-watching goodies.

Other benefits? I can go for a walk on the beach without slathering myself in sunscreen or fighting to get through a crowd. Any day can be pajama day. Hot cider. And of course, new seasons of my favorite television shows.

What are you looking forward to?


  1. Hi Gina--
    I LOVE autumn, too! You pretty much listed all the reasons why it's my favorite time of year, but also I finally get to pull out my boots, thick sweaters, and scarves. I live in California and I do get tired of the months of sunshine. I long for and enjoy the rain.

  2. I look forward to snow - ok stop throwing things at me. But I love to get out there and shovel and use the snow thrower. Plus evrything looks so magical and sparky when teh sun hits the new snow.

    I'd much rather be chilly and put on a sweather than be hot and humidly sweaty. I donlt take much off to try to cool down. Don't want to scare the neighbors!

  3. I love autumn too. What do I look forward to most? Hard to choose, but, if I have to pick one thing, I'll say the color show. Every day you go outside and the world looks different from the day before. The picture at the top of this post is a perfect example. Stunning!

  4. I won't throw anything, Kathye. I do love snow, but hate having to drive to Le Day Job in it. Since it pretty much takes an edict from the governor to close our office, the season isn't without its treachery for me right now. But someday, when this writing thing pays off (haha!), I hope to find out what it's like to sit inside with a cup of tea and my laptop, looking out at a world of pristine white.

  5. I agree, Sandy! It's a wonderful kaleidoscope from nature.

  6. My favorite time of year, Gina. Beautiful photos.

  7. It's a perfect time, isn't it, Leigh?

  8. My Darling and I love autumn, too. It has the fullness and charm that Others don't (in my opinion). Nice article :)