Thursday, November 13, 2014

Horoscopes Can Help Your Characters

I'm not a horoscope fanatic, but during my birthday month I tend to check it more often. I don't seek out complicated astrology charts, a certified astrologer, or gaze at the stars. I'm more than satisfied reading my daily horoscope in the newspaper. The sun sign forecasts in the newspaper are only the tip of the complicated process. To come up with a daily forecast astrologers look at the relationship of the planets and their cycles to your sun sign.

Astrology and Your Characters

Astrology is a way to discover more about your characters. Are they direct or do they avoid love and romance? A horoscope for your characters can help you determine their strengths and weaknesses, it can give you an idea of how their day will go, or who might cross their path.

A Water Sign and a Fire Sign 

In Chocolate Secrets, my heroine is a horoscope junkie. The hero, a practical NYC firefighter doesn't believe the stars and planets determine his life. He's a self proclaimed asparagus. Her quirky habit and his logic put them on opposite ends of the universe. To complicate things she's a water sign and he's a fire sign. Can complete opposites overcome their differences?

Endless Resources

Finding the answers to your characters personality dilemmas is easy. Most of my info comes from an assortment of little books I buy at the supermarket checkout counter. Sometimes I'll create a complex personality who crosses over between signs. The possibilities are endless.


Once you create horoscopes for your characters, you'll have an ongoing sketch of their relationship potential, their job and health, and what they need to learn and experience.

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