Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ah! Weddings.

Sandra Wilkins

            The bride is blushing underneath her long filmy veil.  A bouquet of fragrant roses and baby’s breath tremors in her hands as she takes her father’s arm, and tentatively steps down the aisle to the romantic melody of Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus”.  Lovingly, she gazes at the confident, handsome groom as he awaits her arrival to be at her side forever…

            Ah!   Weddings.  They evoke thoughts of beauty for some and maybe angst for others—depending on your point of view.  Some young women go to extremes to have the “perfect” day.  Even to the extent of becoming a “bridezilla” and spending a fortune on that “hallowed” occasion.  Being the extremely practical person I am, I didn’t particularly want all that fuss and fluff when I got married twenty-something years ago.  In the age of big hair and shoulder pads I was going to be a rebel.    
            Simplicity was the key for me.  It began with the gown.  No fancy, frilly concoctions for me.  I wanted a restrained Edwardian style frock.  My mom helped me find a pattern and the creamy off-white material and then my great aunt Dorothy graciously made the dress for me.  I’ll treasure it always. 
            Next were the flowers.  Not one for expensive things, I opted for silk flowers and made the bouquet and boutonnieres myself.  The bouquet is still as pretty today.  My dad’s cousin played the wedding march, my aunt took the photographs, a neighbor made the elegant three-tiered wedding cake (with the topper from my parent’s cake) and my mom made the chocolate grooms cake. 
            It was a personal ceremony in our small church.  All of my grandparents and one great grandmother were still alive to witness the occasion.  The most special part for me was visiting with the friends and family who attended the modest reception.  Simplicity isn’t for everyone, so I’m curious—what kind of wedding did you have? 

     Sandra Wilkins is busy writing another series while home educating her two daughters.  Ada’s Heart, Rose’s Hope and Gwen’s Honor are her first three published wholesome historical romances.  Go to www.sandrawilkins.com to find out more about her and her books. 



  1. That sounds perfect. And we are birds of a feather. Mine was a high-neck, Victorian blouse over a champagne chiffon skirt. The Flowers were simple - from the grocery store with stems wrapped in silk ribbon. Our best friends, my husbands brother and sister-in-law were our best-man and best-woman. It was outside and my mother made the entire meal for more than 50 guests. It was outside too and everyone was free to dress casually. Ahhhh.

  2. Middle of the road wedding for me. One hundred guests (most of them family) at a small catering hall. High neck lace gown with a ruffled train. My bouquet was a copy of Princess Diana's (though my roses were silk) and after the ceremony, I replaced the real ivy and freesia with silk and the bouquet is now a gorgeous centerpiece for my dining room table.
    Ah, weddings...

  3. First, have to say I LOVE you dress. Wedding sounds perfect - simple and personal. Mine was pretty simple too: reception in the church hall. We were married in December, between Christmas and New Year, so the bridesmaids carried holly bouquets; mine was white roses with a few sprigs of holly tucked in. My dress had very simple lines, long sleeves, square neck. Ahh - such a happy memory.

  4. You looked gorgeous. I picked my wedding gown out of a book and sent away for it. We did our reception at home. Nothing fancy, but it has stuck for 35 years.

  5. I would have liked something a little more elegant with more fru-fru but we were both active duty with no time off so it was just he and I in our nicest clothes at the justice of peace; our landlords as witness (as they were also florists, they pprovided a ssingle rose to Mr and son a rose boutonniere for my husband. 25 years later, I can't regret anything; we love each other more and more every day.

  6. Sandra, what a lovely wedding you planned. It sounds like a perfect day and what a beautiful bride you were! I, too, had a small, simple wedding, and everyone who commented--your weddings sound lovely, too.

  7. Your wedding, Sandra, sounds perfect to me! My Maid of Honor told me last night that she thought my wedding was also perfect - we had a community wedding, with help from all our friends and family, planned internationally and really DIY - a wedding that has led to a lifetime commitment. One of the saddest weddings I've ever attended cost over $25,000 and the marriage lasted just 6 days, not even the length of the honeymoon.

  8. It seems we all had simple weddings! I recently read that the chances of a marriage being happy were higher if the wedding was simple. Maybe because there's so much friction already, organizing the big day? Or maybe because the wedding was more important than the partner?
    Anyway, my wedding was super simple - we ran away to Scotland. My family still has not forgiven me, but it was right for us.

  9. Forgot to say, you look lovely, Sandra! So serene, and your dark hair combined with the creamy dress is gorgeous!

  10. It sounds like a lovely wedding! Mine was pretty simple, too.