Thursday, February 12, 2015

Every Romance Needs a Cute Meet

Every romance writer knows that there are certain elements needed to create a story. They must establish time, place, and setting, plus create a cute meet for the hero and heroine.

The first meeting is an event that will irrevocably change their lives. How often have you been asked,  "How did you two meet?"

How I met my husband

In a movie while the credits are rolling the time and place would be established. It's the 1960's, the decade of Woodstock, Kent State, and peace and love.

My heroine is at a peace rally or Woodstock.
The hero is in Germany, knee deep in snow while on practice maneuvers with the US Army.

Cute Meet

The story starts on Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, NY.
She's wearing cut off shorts, has long hair she ironed that morning, and there's a closed physics text book on her beach blanket.

He has shoulder length hair, wide sideburns, and a commitment problem.

They talk for hours and he takes her phone #.

His Point of View - One week later

He's resting on a beach blanket. She walks by, kicks sand on the blanket, and keeps walking. He pretends to ignore her.
His friend comments,  "Isn't that the girl you met last week?"
"It is."
"You going to talk to her?"
"I guess I will." The sand is hot and he jogs over to her blanket. He asks permission to step on her blanket.
She says, "No." 
Maybe she's pissed that I didn't call. In spite of the hot sand he stays there and starts a conversation.
She relents and invites him to sit down.
He likes to talk and she's a good listener. The sun starts to set. His friend leaves our hero his car key so he can drive her home. 

Happily Ever After

She's easy to talk to and he tells her about the places he's visited. She dreams of traveling and knows this is the guy she wants to do it with.


  1. Another great Avaloner love story. There's really nothing more romantic than hours of great conversation - and it you have to kick a little sand to get it started - go for it!

  2. LOL, Sandy. It seems like a lifetime ago, but the memory is very vivid.

  3. Shame on him for not calling sooner. :) Serendipity was on his side.

  4. "And as the sun sinks into the sea, the two share love's first kiss." End scene.

  5. I should have made this a write the last line challenge :)