Friday, May 1, 2015

The Year of Good Habits *Hiccup*

I’ve been trying to establish one healthy habit per month. So far this year, I’ve consumed gallons of water, (but still not enough), I try to walk every day, (but did I mention that the dog that walks with me is lame?). I DID organize my bedroom to within an inch of its dust-bunny-detracted-self. Yes, I can stand beside my bed and do yoga, if I did yoga. I could touch my toes and “sun salutation” … if I could touch my toes.
So what’s left? Well, there’s this little thing that I do, ideally, on a daily basis. I have this job building worlds, creating characters, egging them on with conflict, then more conflict, then a dash of conflict. Yeah. In an ideal world, I would sit down at my desk EVERY morning, write for several hours, take a break, (drinking my quota of water, squeezing in my walk), then I’d plunk my little tushy right back in the chair.
I proclaim this month, the month of discipline at work. Okay, to be kind to myself, I did finish another novel. (RAWRRRRRR – the crowd cheers – in my head.) It’s called BIRD IN HAND and I’m still working on the cover, but it’s done, written, ready for release… almost.
So my goal this month: to park my butt in the chair, and write, every day… for multiple hours… to wrap up the next book in the series, tentatively titled “FLIPPIN’ THE BIRD”. And as a possible inducement to you, here’s the cover copy of each one. (Imagine a younger Jessica Fletcher… times three.)
Three women share more than a step-daughter. They all married the same man? (At different times, of course.) And now best friends? Well, that’s the biggest scandal to hit the town of Poropotank since that unpleasantness with the Senator’s pregnant, unwed, teenaged daughter thirty years ago.
But something is amiss again in Poropotank, Virginia. There’s been a burglary and a missing manuscript. And then there’s the blossoming romance between two young people who just might be sharing more than a cup of coffee. They may be sharing the same gene pool!
So it’s up to the Three Wickedly Mischieveous Step-Mothers to get to the bottom of it all before this latest scandal over-shadows that business with the Senator’s daughter.
FLIPPIN’ THE BIRD                                                                        

Someone was “flipped off”, then “knocked off” and atleast one digit is making the rounds. When Skye finds a severed finger in a box of bric-a-brac, she goes on a quest to reunite the finger with its owner. With the aid of the other Wickedly Mischieveous Step-Mothers, Skye, Claire, and Bea find themselves digging up dirt – and not just in garden outside Claire’s haunted mission.


  1. you book sounds like a hoot- goo dluck with that. I wish I had the discipline to write every day. at least every monring I say I'm going to write when I get home from work. Then I get home....

  2. I think I've gotten into a good writing routine, by having a tight proposal deadline I had to meet as soon as I left my day job mid April. I've just been "going to work" but at home pretty much the same as I had been going to the office.

    Good luck with your new release.

  3. This is why I have a Displacement Activity category on my blog, EverWritng. I do write everyday, something. Distraction is my top adversary!