Monday, May 25, 2015

To Those We Honor by Fran McNabb

My blog date always falls on Memorial Day, and I wanted to do something different for this year. On this special day, we honor those who gave their lives during war, but we also include those men and women who are no longer with us but who served in the Armed Forces, especially during wartime. Below are some of those soldiers we remember today.

Fran's Dad: Lewis V. Langlinais
SSgt Army Air Corps. WWII
Died 2007
Noble P. Smith, Jr.
Army Air Corps, WWII
Pacific, Died 1997 
Milton A. Wallis, Jr.
U.S. Coast Guard, Gunner's Mate
WWII, Died March 1976
Robert S. Diamond, Jr."Jack"
 Chief Master Sgt.
WWII, Korea, Vietnam
USAF, died 1984

John Alden Turner, Lt Col, USAF
Pacific, Korea, died 1981
Wife Mariam
Army Nurse Corps, died 1956
Both are buried in Arlington Cemetery
James Edward Burns
PFC - E2 Marine Corps
Killed Dec 7, 1967
Brother to Raymond McKee

Raymond Scott McKee
CPO - Coast Guard
2 tours Operation Desert Storm
Died 2014

Not pictured:  Herb Chelikowsky, U.S. Army, WWII. Died 2005 
Robert Earl Gieger
Chief Master Sgt, WWII
Korea, Vietnam
Died 2012
Ronnie Rhodes, Sgt
US Army, 173rd Airborne
Killed in Vietnam 1968

Warren E. Jordan, Pvt, WWII
US Army, Guarded German prisoners
Sturgeon Bay, WI
Died 1980

Authur Springer
Army Air Corps, WWII
PFC, Gunner, New Guinea
Died 1986
Brothers Forrest and Shirley McNabb
Forrest: Army Air Corps/USAF
TSgt, WWII, Korea, Died 1970
Shirley: US Army, PFC, WWII
Died, 1983

Alton LeBlanc
WWII Navy,  Pacific
Ship Servicman 3rd Class
Died 2014
Wife Belva
Donald A. Winnney
TSgt USAF, Korea, Died 1985
Wife Oleta

Fran McNabb lives about thirty minutes from the National Cemetery       
on the Gulf Coast where both of her parents are buried. The cemetery,
like others across the nation on Memorial Day, honor the veterans buried there by placing a flag on each grave. It's a small gesture, but a reminder that we should never forget those who served to keep our nation free.
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  1. Great post Fran. We owe every freedom we have to our veterans, past and present. I truly believe some people take this for granted, but America, while tripping sometimes, is the greatest country in the world. I don't want to be anywhere else. God bless our servicemen and women and God bless America.

    1. Yes, America has a lot to be thankful for, especially those men and women who have devoted their lives to the service of our country.

  2. Love this, Fran. Sometimes pictures really do say more than words.

    1. I totally agree. I loved getting these pictures.

  3. I don't have a picture, but add my dad, Herb Chelikowsky, U.S. Army, WWII. Died 2005.

    1. Jean, I just added your dad's information. Thanks.

  4. This is a wonderful tribute, Fran, and a reminder of why we celebrate Memorial Day.

    1. Thanks, Loretta. I think I'll do it again next year since the response was so good.

  5. The photos are wonderful, Fran. They bring a true sense of their service and sacrifice. Thank you.