Friday, November 13, 2015

Getting To Know Us With Kay Finch

Yes, we all have bios on this website, but there is so much MORE to know about our Classic and Cozy bloggers. So the 2nd Friday of each month is dedicated to getting to know us better. This month I'd like to introduce you to Kay Finch.

Okay, inquiring minds want to know…why a writer? Certainly not for the fame and fortune…or maybe it is?
KAY:  No…laughing…it’s not for the fame and fortune.  Writers like me enjoy sitting in a room alone with a computer and are not chasing fame or fortune.  I would accept fortune gladly, but that’s not likely to happen.  I don’t remember making a conscious decision to be a writer – I just am.

When did you first put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to create your classic and cozy characters?
KAY:  I started writing as a little girl sitting in my room in a Pennsylvania farmhouse. I always wrote mysteries, but I kept them to myself. My mom didn’t even know I’d written back then until my first book was published in 2003 and she read about it in an interview.

Do you have a set writing schedule?
KAY:  No, I have to write whenever I find myself with a bit of free time.  Due to my full-time law firm job, I have to limit writing to evenings, weekends, and my lunch hour.

Is there a certain routine, food/drink, or location that summons forth the muses for you?
KAY:  I drink a LOT of coffee when I’m writing.  I don’t know whether that drink “summons forth the muses” but it keeps me alert enough to keep the story moving forward.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
KAY:  I enjoy inviting the grandkids to come and spend the night with us. The only problem with that is now that the older ones have learned to read they have homed in on my bookshelves.  They ask “Grandma Kay, why do all of your books have “kill” and “murder” in the title?”  Talk about uncomfortable.

I imagine you’ve been reading all of your life (all great writers have.)  What was your favorite book as a child?
KAY:  All of the Nancy Drew books.  I can’t single one out.  From the beginning, I loved mysteries.

Do you re-read books?  If so, which one have you re-read the most?
KAY:  I don’t usually reread books – not because there aren’t books I’d love to reread but simply because there are too many books out there that I want to read. I do remember rereading The Poet and The Concrete Blonde, both by Michael Connelly.  Now that you mention this, I’d love to reread his book, Void Moon, too. 

But there’s more to life than reading, writing (and arithmetic)…what is your most memorable adventure in your life?
KAY: I’m only the adventurous sort in the pages of my fiction, but going way back to high school I have one memory that felt adventurous.  We had a class trip to Bermuda that began and ended in one day. A bus took us from our high school in rural Pennsylvania to Philadelphia in the wee hours of the morning to board our chartered flight. We flew to Bermuda, ate, shopped, and swam on the beach. Then we loaded back up and flew home the same day.  Is that crazy or what? I’m not sure what the school was thinking other than they didn’t want boys and girls going anywhere together overnight.

If you were on American Idol, what song would you sing to WOW! the judges? 
KAY:  Assuming that I could sing well, which I can’t, I would absolutely love to sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Or maybe Wind Beneath My Wings.  I’m indecisive, so it would take me forever to make such a big decision. 

What book(s) do you have coming out or what are you working on?

KAY:  My newest book, BLACK CAT CROSSING, first in the Bad Luck Cat series, came out on September 1.  I’m finishing up book two of the series, THE BLACK CAT KNOCKS ON WOOD, set to come out in June 2016.

Last question…movie rights…who’ll play your current main characters when Hollywood comes knocking on your door? 
KAY:  I’d have to find out if Karen Fairchild from the band Little Big Town can act as well as she sings, because she’s the person I picture as my protagonist, Sabrina Tate.  Sabrina’s love interest, the local game warden, could be played by Charles Esten from the TV show Nashville.

For a complete list of Kay Finch’s books click on over to her website You can also find her at Kay Finch Author on Facebook or Kfinchmysteries on Twitter.


  1. Hi Kay--
    You had me laughing over your grand children's question about your books! :-) That was quite an adventure for a high school trip--what were they thinking--I wish my school offered a trip like that! Also, your book cover is gorgeous. Best of luck with the series.

    1. Thanks, Victoria. I wouldn't mind going back to Bermuda - for more than a day.

  2. What a nice interview. I've had the pleasure of meeting Kay in person and am so glad that her genuine "niceness" comes through so loud and clear.

    Good luck with your black cat series series, Kay.

    Jean, thanks,as always, for bringing these interviews to us.

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I thought of you last week while I was in PA.

  3. Nice getting to know more about you Kay. May you new series be a runaway hit

  4. HI Kay -- I dread the day my grandkids find my books and start asking that question! And what an adventure... Bermuda and back in one day! OMG! Still, just to get to see Bermuda, it would be worth it.

    1. I should mention that I only had to pay $20 to take part in the trip to Bermuda. Our class had a hefty bank balance to pay for the rest.

  5. Kay, I am loving Black Cat Crossing and looking forward to the next one! Thank you for doing the interview! I loved it!! As for the class trip... it wore me out just reading it! I could not imagine doing it now! (at my age) LOL Wishing you continued success in all that you do. :)