Monday, February 22, 2016

"I Know I Can"

by Fran McNabb


I realize this is the end of February and New Year’s resolutions for most people have long been forgotten. For me, I’m just getting started. Like most of the population of the United States, my goal was to get in shape. I had good intentions, but it took me until the last day of January before I signed up for the gym.

 Do I like gyms? No. In fact, I’m probably the most nonathletic person you’ll ever meet. Gyms are not my friend, but I really didn’t know what else to do. I’m sixty-eight and I figured if I didn’t do something soon, I would never do anything! I keep telling myself "I know I can do this. I know I can!"

 I signed up with two other ladies from our little street. We only have fifteen houses on our dead-end road, and when we went the first day, we were surprised to see six ladies from the neighborhood. I did feel better.

I’m in my fourth week, I’m thrilled that first I haven’t hurt myself, and second that I’m actually making time to go. Do I like it? Heavens no, but I’ve found a few things I can do that make the time more enjoyable. First, I started carrying my Kindle and I can read while on the bike and the treadmill so those minutes fly by.

Going to the gym has actually helped me with another resolution I made this year—to give my writing a shot in the arm. Since a friend and I signed up for a Christian conference on a lake retreat in April, I started reading in that genre and made the decision to try my hand at inspirational romance. Having written four books for Avalon, I know a good love story can be told without the physical part. I like growing the relationship and the growth of the character.

So, since starting the gym, I’ve read four inspirational romances while I pedal away on the bike or walk on the treadmill, and I’ve loved each one. I’ve even written the first chapter on one book and have done some research on two more.

Will I stick with the gym? I can’t say. I’ve done this before and paid my dues for a year and maybe went three weeks. I’m doing better already, and maybe with the help of my Kindle and my neighbors, I’ll endure! Yes, I know I can do this!
Did you make any resolutions for 2016? If so, I’d love to hear what they were and how you’re doing. with them.

Fran McNabb writes light romances, four of which were through Avalon and now with Montlake Publishing. Her other four romances are with The Wild Rose Press or Indies. In the future, she hopes to add Inspiration Romances to her publishing credits. She’d love for you to check her out at or drop her a line at






  1. Good for you, Fran! My exercise bike and I completely agree that reading makes the effort a lot less painful. Here's to success!

  2. Cheryl, yes, it's really boring just to walk or pedal without doing something, and reading fits the bill! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I made a dedicated space for my treadmill at home. So far, I've used it... honestly... three times since the first of the year, but I can honestly say, I've been gardening, (yes, in February. Very mild winter... until it isn't.) My intention was to write while on the treadmill. Nope. Too uncoordinated for that, so I tried to read. Nope. Too blind for that. So instead, I plug in a movie - all three times I've done it. I walk longer with the movie, because it's a treat. Oh well. The yard is beginning to really shape up with daffodils and snow drops and crocuses blooming... until the next snowfall. :)

    1. Sofie, your yard sounds lovely. I do not like yard work. I wish I did because I love a nice yard. Thankfully, my husband keeps the outside looking good. If it takes a movie, go for it. I feel so much better when I walk about 15 minutes.

  4. Fran, I love this! I don't mind the gym but have a long list of other things that I either hate to do or procrastinate about until the very last minute. You're lucky to have a neighborhood of friends for support.

  5. Fran, I admire you for sticking to your resolution (even if you were late getting started). Good for you! As for me, I've got the reading part down, but have yet to tackle the exercise part.

  6. Hi Fran--
    Yay! I'm proud of you for getting started and for finding a way to make the time more enjoyable. Hopefully with the support of your neighbors you will stick with it this time.