Friday, February 5, 2016

The On-Going Creation of the She-She-Shed

The She-She-Shed... in the distance...
chichi: adjective,
showily or affectedly elegant or trendy; pretentious.

she: pronoun
the female person or animal being discussed or last mentioned; the woman; anything considered, as by personification, to be feminine; a female person or animal; an object of device considered as female or feminine.

Thus, my She-She-Shed, is that feminine space dedicated to all things chichi and absent of: mens’ socks on the floor, baskets of laundry that second as a dresser drawer, malodorous exhausts of any kind, disused wrappers on the floor that never quite made it into the trashcan, and beef jerky.

Things that are allowed in the She-She-Shed: light perfume, creams and pinks, (although I think I’m going for a slightly more vibrant color scheme), a comfy chair, a crafting table, and walls and walls of books. Add to that, one corner that will be a mini film studio, another corner that houses my writing desk, and a coffee station. (Never forget the coffee.) And just for good measure, although I’m not a particularly ruffly-flowery sort of woman, I do like creepy dolls. Yes, I am that woman.
The doll that goes by the simple moniker, "Creepy Baby"

The other things that are/will be allowed: kids, (occasionally), husbands, (occasionally), writing buddies, (but shhhh, because this is a quiet writing place), and the occasional guest in need of a quiet space to sit and read or write… or drink coffee.

There hasn't been a lot of activity on the She-She-Shed this month. Well, I did move most of the tools out and into the official "tool shed". And I did move in a large crafting table. There's still a lot of cleaning out to do, but it will have to wait for the snow to go away. We typically have at least three days of hellish winter here in Virginia. Okay, we've used up all three of those. We're done now, (please?) so it'll be back to work for me after another day or two of melt.

After my last post, I connected with my friend, Leah, who was willing to share pictures of her she-cave! And it had a lovely story. The room, originally intended as a "Man-Cave", was gifted to her as a sewing room. And since that time, she has turned that sewing space into a fabulous business, Tryon Quilts! See what can happen, given a lot of hard work, a dedicated space, and the support of people who love you?

If you would like to see more of the fruits of Leah's labor and Tryon Quilts, you can visit her at: or at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at Tryon Quilts! I can think of several ways to thank her for sharing her space with us.

Tryon Quilts headquarters!
I love the pine green wall color.
She with the most fabric wins!


  1. Sofie, love the She-she Shed! Every "artist" needs one. I had a sewing room before Katrina. In our new house I have an office, but I don't have room for my sewing "stuff." I'm jealous!! Enjoy. Enjoy.

  2. Love the idea of your she-she shed, Sofie. Hope you get to spend lots of time there, surrounded by things your love and creating stories that end happily ever after.