Friday, May 13, 2016

Shh! Authors at Work

Wondering what's ahead from the Classic and Cozy Authors? Wonder no longer. Here are some of the projects we're working on.


All That I Am
Main Characters: Peace Morrow, Flannery Donohue and Rachel Woodard
Genre & Publisher: Mystery/Crime, probably indie-published
One Paragraph from the Page I'm On:
Rachel almost stopped breathing when she read Amanda’s message: U missed it. We made the news. Check UTube. She clicked on the link that followed, then watched, fascinated and repelled. Not only did the clip show Amanda and the picketers, it included footage of the accused girl, Flannery, standing next to her grandfather, looking and sounding guilty as sin. Who said pictures don’t lie? Not true. She turned off the phone and stared into space. She turned it back on, watched the video again, this time more carefully, especially Flannery.
Publication Date: None yet
Did you know (something I learned for this story): I learned about the process of forensic hypnosis to help witnesses recall forgotten details

Reclaiming His Family (working)
Main Characters: Renee Delacroix and Rhys Maddox
Genre & Publisher: Inspirational Romance for Harlequin Love Inspired
One Paragraph from the Page I'm On:
Rhys ran his hand through his heat-dampened hair. This feeling that he was walking a tightrope without a net was why he stuck to his own business and didn’t socialize. The sooner he had Owen and Dylan and could concentrate on the three of them as a family, the better.
Due Date: July 25, 2016
Publication Date: None yet
Did You Know: The Welsh last name Maddox has numerous spellings, Maddox, Mattox, Madoc, Madog

Market Center Mysteries: Wired for Murder
Main Characters: Heather McNeill and Scott Brandon
Genre & Publisher: Mystery with Romantic Elements; The book was accepted at Five Star/Cengage but released when they folded it, so I'm self-publishing it.
One Paragraph from the Page I'm On:
Dieter Gebhardt was pushing my buttons and he knew it. “I do not understand vy you say ve cannot do this.” A hint of smirk leaked onto his face. The tiny curl of his lip belied his pretended ignorance of my meaning, much less the authority behind the words. The sales representative for Schwartz-Mann GmbH was playing me, and I couldn’t tell if he really thought he could get his way by feigning stupidity or if he was just trying to score some machismo points. I didn’t care about the points, but he damned well wasn’t going to win the argument
Publication Date: July 1, 2016
Did You Know: You don't need a wireless service plan to make phone calls with a smart phone as long as you have access to a WiFi hotspot.

Colleen's Story
Main Characters: Colleen Frescato, her sons, Michael, Patrick and Anthony, their fiancĂ©e and girlfriends, Lily Hanson, Juanita and Sana, and Colleen’s new love interest, Nick Rampallo
Genre & Publisher: Sweet Romance
One Paragraph from the Page I'm On:
Colleen stared at him and remembered him from forty years before. They’d been in grammar school together and had even kind of dated, if what 8th graders at St. Francis School did back then qualified as “dating.” After graduation, they’d gone their separate ways. Colleen had gone to Mount St. Dominic’s, and if she remembered correctly, Nick to the nearby public school. In any case they’d lost touch. But she hadn’t forgotten him. That would be impossible.
Due Date: I plan to finish in time to pitch at the RWA conference in July.
Publication Date: None yet
Did You Know: That Kearny, a blue collar town in Essex County, New Jersey once populated by Irish and Scottish immigrants, is now the first stopping point for Ukrainian and Polish immigrants.


  1. Thanks, Jean, for posting this. The glimpses into the coming books are all intriguing. Proud to be in such company.

  2. Wow, ladies--
    Such varied books-in-progress, and they all sound like interesting characters and great stories. Keep writing!