Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pictures Are Worth Many Words

We have just flown back from Wales, from pleasantly mild weather to a very unusual San Francisco heatwave. So, rather than write a lengthy essay about the "joys" of world travel, I have selected some of my favorite photos of my second homeland.

The 13 year old Sooty, who was having his back
scratched, hence the attitude of bliss. My first riding
experience with a hornless saddle!

A view of Llansteffan Castle from a popular
walking trail along the Twyi Estuary, with
picture-perfect dead oak.

The stream conduit beneath a stone bridge, just outside the village
of Llansteffan, below the castle.

The woodlands below Llansteffan Castle.

The graceful and curious Marv, at the Knightsford Stables at the
junction between the tiny village of Merthyr and the crossing
of Llysonnen Road.

Young Goldie who is awaiting judgment on his suitability
as a riding companion to his soon-to-be stable-mate, Sooty.

This Fushia is common throughout Wales, but this
particular plant is located in the garden of
Hafod y Coed in Aberystwyth.
One antique chair next to an oak chest built in 1731, the proud
family heirlooms of the inhabitants of Hafod y Coed, Aberystwyth.
Good day to you all. Time for we weary travelers to work on correcting our internal clock mechanisms.


  1. Leigh, loved the pictures. Your travels sounded fantastic. What an experience! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Fran. The trip was fabulous. Can't wait to go back.

  2. You're right - pictures are worth many words. These tell volumes and make me want to visit Wales.

  3. Hi Leigh--
    I love the horse pictures. Sounds like a wonderful trip!

    1. I nearly broke my camera! Of course, it helps to know what you're doing... thank you Victoria.

  4. Beautiful! I just recently returned from visiting family in Kent. The gardens there are amazing, and I noticed a lot of Fuschia growing there too.

    1. Throughout western Wales, there are garden festivals when you can visit private gardens - gorgeous! I'm very fond of Fuschias in their many shapes, sizes and hues. Also helleborus orientalis or however you spell it!