Monday, November 25, 2019

Thankful Again

I have titled this post to remind myself of how often I take all I have been given for granted.
Although I was taught from an early age to give thanks and express gratitude, too frequently I forget to do so. Although I’m probably not entirely alone in this neglect, I know myself well enough to confess my fault and in some way to atone.

I am thankful for so many opportunities, I’ll begin by expressing my gratitude for the many years I have been able to work with the writers of Classic & Cozy Books — a gracious and generous community whose writing and supportive comments on others’ efforts I hope will be sustained for as long as they wish.
My first post for C&C was on February 25, 2014 and titled “Classic, Cozy and Cunning,” an introduction to my novel by installments,Nights Before: The Novel, a six-novella series that began with Twas the Night Before New YearThe opening paragraph reads:
We've all read books set in different countries, regions, time periods with characters from various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. The attempt to capture the sound of speech and cultural nuances is all part of the craft of setting a sense of time and place.
Because this will be my parting post for the foreseeable future, I also want to express my gratitude to Avalon Books, Lia Brown and especially Avalon Authors who together helped my writing dreams flourish, sustaining me though many years of traditional and independent publishing. 
Many of the writers at Avalon continue as good friends, supporters and listeners.
I have made efforts to repay them, in my way, on my personal author’s blogs by featuring books and promoting their posts through social media — a development in communication channels that has opened a wide vista for writers that American entrepreneurs have embraced and taken to the moon in a way that could only be achieved in an atmosphere of freedom, an atmosphere that not only allows but encourages the freedom to try, to fail and to try again.
As one of my friends in Wales once told me, “If you can’t make it in American, you can’t make it anywhere.” He was right and I am most thankful that I came home.
With warmest, fondest best wishes to my fellow writers here at Classic & Cozy Books, it is time for me to embrace the hard work of doing my job.
Leigh Verrill-Rhys, Novelist


  1. A beautiful post. I, too, thank the ladies from Avalon for their friendship over the years and the editors there for giving us the opportunity to begin our careers. I'll miss you on this blog. Please stay in touch. Good luck with your future endeavors.

    1. Thank you, Fran. I sincerely appreciate your support.

  2. You are right, Leigh, that all too often we forget to express our thanks. Like you, I'm thankful for the support and encouragement I've been given by this group. You certainly have helped lift my morale when I've been dragged down by self-doubt. Thanks - to you and all my fellow Classic and Cozy friends.

  3. You are very welcome, Sandy. I will keep an eye out for your new book and your blog posts.