Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Tiara? Check.
Coffee? Check.
Notebook? Check.
Favorite ink pen? Check.
Computer all fired up? Check.

So no excuses.

 Oh! And did I forget to mention, it’s also November? That’s National Novel Writing Month for all of you out there who have been saying, “I’ve got this book idea floating around in my head…” Well, we’re half-way through NaNoWriMo (pronounced Nay-no-rye-moe with your thickest southern accent) so you’ve got some catching up to do.

The goal, after you create a free account at, is to create wordcount equivalent to a short novel… in one month. That’s 50,000 words to the noobs, and “all in a day’s work” to you seasoned writers.

So you can do the math, or have the site do the math for you. Thirty days in November, divided into 50,000 words, that’s… er… that’s 1,667 words per day, every day. Wait! You’re already a half month behind! That’s a little over 3,000 words per day. Pshhht. That’s only about 12 pages per day, 250 words per page. Easy peasy, lemony squeezey. Hey, if this humanities major can do that much math in one paragraph, you can whip out 12 pages per day for the next 15 days.

Computer. Pen. Notebook at your side. Coffee. Tiara. GO!


  1. Love your attitude, Sofie. You have more confidence in me than I have.

  2. Go for it! I tried NaNoWriMo once but failed utterly and decided it wasn't for me. I work at a different sort of pace.

  3. Math? Writers? Yikes! Sounds like Prime Number Magic to me. Go for it, Sofie.