Thursday, May 1, 2014

New release a first for Elisabeth Rose

Today is the release of my first romantic suspense, Evidence Of Love. I've always found crime fascinating. Not as a perpetrator, of course, but as an observer and marveller at what drives people to do some of the horrendous things they do. Take an evil genius for example. Why not put all that brain power to a better use? Wouldn't you think all that time devising ways of committing the perfect crime would be better spent working out a legal way of making money?

I delve into the world of criminal gangs in this book--family affairs. It's heartbreaking knowing that a child born into one of those families is destined to follow the same miserable, downward spiral. My heroine Lara is given a glimmer of opportunity to break free from her situation as wife of a gang leader and she grabs it with both hands setting up a new life with a new name, keeping a low profile to avoid being found by someone from her past.

The focus of her love is her toddler, Petey until, in circumstances she is unable to avoid, she meets Detective Nick Lawson who draws her out of her self imposed seclusion. Danger is then upon her and she has to fight to save her son, and also learn to trust a policeman.

I really enjoyed writing this departure from my usual contemporary romances and have another suspense in the offing. With any luck my publisher will accept it. 

Evidence of Love is available as an ebook from Escape Publishing a Harlequin Australia imprint.

You can read an extract on my  website


  1. Congratulations, Elisabeth!
    Your book sounds exciting. Happy release day. Wishing you many sales!

  2. Beautiful cover. The storyline sounds wonderful. Mega sales to you

  3. Congratulations, Elisabeth. Evidence of Love sounds like a winner - thought-provoking and exciting. Good luck with it.

  4. I'm a day late, but good luck with your new release and work in progress.