Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Birthday Wish...To You

by Gina Ardito

Today's my birthday. How convenient that it's also my day to blog here at Classic And Cozy. Never mind how old I am. Let's just say, I passed the half-century mark a few years ago and leave it at that. With all those birthdays behind me, I have no need for additional gifts. Instead, I'd like to give all of you my birthday wish. I wish for you:

Books you can't put down.

Time to read them.

A cozy spot.



Good health. 

Magic moments.

People to share it all with.

Know joy. Embrace love. Give to others. Never stop learning. These are the keys to a life well-lived.

P.S.: To begin this wish, I've put my most recent release, REUNION IN OCTOBER, on free download from Amazon for Kindle this week. Beginning today through August 24. You can download your copy here.  


  1. Wow! I feel like it's MY birthday. Thank you - and Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Gina!

  2. Happy birthday. Nice post to start the day. Now to download your new release.

  3. Hi Gina--
    Thank you for the nice reminder of the things that matter in life. And Happy Birthday, too!

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  5. Gina, thanks for the lovely birthday wishes! And that is one lovely cover. Your book is zooming through cyberspace to my Kindle even as I type.

    Happy Birthday -- hope you had a great one!

  6. What a wonderful post. And happiest birthday wishes to you!

  7. Happy birthday and all best wishes. How good of you to share your philosophy and your book!