Friday, November 7, 2014

Even MORE Shredding Books with Sofie Couch

by Sofie Couch

Bibliophile - a lover of books. That's me. Yeh, I have a tendency to mutilate, shred, and mulch books, but just the ones that have led full happy lives. And this month is no exception.

This month, I went to my pictorial friend, Pinterest. Don't ya just love Pinterest? What!? You've never heard of Pinterest? Get thee over to Pinterest and sign-up, then follow me. Sofie Couch. It's a whole great big community of visual/spatial people all pinning wonderful pictures of things that inspire them. (You might recognize a couple of the book crafts that I've featured on the C&C blog this year.) You can "pin" pictures of things that make your heart sing too, then other like-minded visual/spatial folks can follow you. Okay, that's me getting off my Pinterest soap box. Back to the craft at hand, Bloomin' Books.

I spent an hour of my life making this wonderful hydrangea head. (They call it a book ball on Pinterest, but I think it looks just like a dried hydrangea flower.) And here's how you can create the same book ball/ hydrangea flower head:

First, cut out these cute little medallion circle thingies. They kinda look like a "seal of approval" made out of the pages of a book. You're gonna want to invest in this little gizmo that cuts out those circles, found at your local craft store. (I got mine on sale for 40% off.) If you're not into fancy frilly edges, you can just stick to some little circles cut to a uniform size, but be forewarned, you're gonna need a LOT of those little circles.

Next, with a pencil, place the eraser in the center of a paper circle, then push the circle up around the pencil. Break out your hot glue gun for this next bit. Glue the eraser flattened bit of the circle to a styrofoam ball.

Rinse and repeat.

About a bazillion hours later...

Then a googolplex hours later...

Voila! A book ball is born. I thought, (back when I was young and naive - a googolplex hours ago), that these would make great ornaments for the Christmas tree this year. Then on second thought, my time might be better spent writing another book. :)


  1. Phew - I'm all tired out now!! Artsy-craftsy I'm not. My mom and my sister was. I'm sure they are doing some sort of cloud craft in heaven now - LOL. I admire people who can make things. The only thing I make is a mess - :)

    A lot of my friends use Pinterest. I hardly have time to use Facebook. Maybe after I win the lottery and can hire people to do the mundane things I need to do and finally get to the fun

  2. Love it. You continue to amaze me, Sofie.

  3. Even so, Sofie, these are adorable. But...get back to writing books!

  4. Will do! (Well, i did make four and a half more of those little frilly things. They're just so darned cute.) Okay, now back to writing. :)

  5. You are amazingly crafty, Sofie! I'm gonna have to try this!