Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Inquiring (Author) Minds Want To Know

by Jean C. Gordon

I doing something a little different this month ─ a reader survey. While the other Classic and Cozy authors and I love to share our stories with readers, we also like to sell our books. And that means we have to promote them. So, I'd like you to tell us what might entice you to buy a book.

What's in it for you? Anyone who answers in the comments and includes an email address will receive a Smashword coupon for a free Kindle, Nook, or Kobo copy of the first book I wrote, Bachelor Father.

Let's get started. Have you ever bought a book because of:

1. A bookmark promoting the book?
2. Bling from the author ─ a pen, sticky notes, candy, refrigerator magnet, coffee cup, trip to the  Bahamas?
3. A book signing?
4. A launch party on Facebook.
5. A Goodreads giveaway?
6. Another online author giveaway?
7. A book excerpt at the back of another book?
8. An excerpt online?
9. Reviews?
10. An author newsletter or postcard?
11. A Tweet?
12. A Facebook post?
13. An author interview?
14. A character interview?
15. A mention in a blog?

Speaking of which, my sweet romance Candy Kisses is a $1.99 Kindle deal through Friday, November 14.

In the appealing, adorable Candy Kisses by Jean C. Gordon,
Candy Price is burdened with a community of brothers who all think they know what's best for her--and she'd love to prove them wrong, but first she needs to figure out what the right choice is. Stuck in Albany for the summer with only her landlord, the very handsome and cheerful Mike Wheeler, she decides to take on a challenge: She's going to find Mike a new girlfriend and, in the meantime, they can share pointers on the dating scene. Candy is about to find out what love is all about, but first she has to learn how to stand up to the boss who takes advantage of her all the time and learn to let other people help her. Candy Kisses is an upbeat romance about two good people who need to make that love connection. ─ BookPage


  1. I'm afraid I have a tendency toward "judging a book by its cover." Cover art really floats my boat and often dictates my purchases. (of course, I may read the back blurb first or go on reviews, but by in large, it's the cover that snags me.

  2. Good question, Jean. Like Sofie, an appealing cover will make me pick up a book, but, unlike Sofie, it won't make me buy it. Reading an excerpt will do the trick if the writing is good and the characters interest me. The biggest factor is a recommendation from a friend whose taste I respect.

  3. Great research question. I hope in a future post, you let us know the results.
    For me, I read the back blurb and see if it catches me. I used to buy books for the cover, but learned that sometimes, that;s all the book has to offer - a great cover.

  4. I'm interested in how readers will apply. I do buy books for myself and as gifts from tweets and FB posts.

  5. I don't buy a good based on its cover though that might make me pick it up in the first place. Usually, if I haven't read a review or don't know the author by reputation or from a review, I'll buy it based on reading the first page or the blurb on the back cover. I am very curious to see how others answer this.

  6. Back from the day job where blogs are not accessible. I'll keep checking back through the weekend to see what readers have to say.