Thursday, January 8, 2015

How to be Great at Working With Lists and Schedules

I'm a list maker, note taker, and office supply junkie. I can't resist Post-it notes and I'm always searching for the perfect pocket calendar. My goal is to find tools that will help organize my writing time.

Identify the Problem

I read every article I can on how to end procrastinating. Sounds like just another way to put off what I really should be doing - writing.
Here's some tips from an article posted in the Huffington Post.  The first suggestion to  identify the problem is the easy part. There is no doubt, I'm an A+ Procrastinator.

Restart Your Day

My favorite is #3 - Set day to restart at 2pm.
I like to roll out of bed in the morning and turn on my computer. Some days I jump right into my writing. Other mornings, I spend way too much time on social media. Here's where my procrastinating begins. It's all down hill from that point. I do everything but write.

With #3 in mind, I get all the things that bog down my writing schedule out of the way early. When I realize I've wasted too much time doing nothing productive, I shut off the computer and walk away. I take a bike ride, shop, or clean knowing that my day will restart again at 2pm. At 2pm it's all about my writing.

Making Lists

I love lists. Lists work for me because they help keep things moving. There is great satisfaction in seeing an item checked off. To help organize my list making and note taking, I use a great app - abcNotes. Instead of searching through piles of Post-its, these notes and lists are right on my iPad. If a thought hits while I'm watching TV all I have to do is reach for my iPad. It hasn't totally eliminated my addiction to Post-it notes, but I'm working on that. 

How do you organize? Are you a list maker and note taker?

Wishing you a New Year full of chocolate and productivity.


  1. Great tips for all of us to get more organized in 2015. I especially love the Restart at 2. (If only I wasn't still at the day job at that time.) Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Like, Gina, I especially like Restart at 2. Some of us just aren't morning people.

  3. Fabulous suggestions. I'm going to check-out that app, (although I resist technology at every turn.) I'm a post-it-note gal too. And I'm still using an old-school calendar, (to my husband's great disappointment).

  4. I started my action list for 2015 on December 27th. No resolutions, just firm plans to get moving. Writing goals and lists of action points to achieve them works for me.