Monday, January 5, 2015


Just finished the edits for my new release, and sent them off to the editor - Yay me! Now onto the next project.

A good friend of mine told me that beginning a new book is easy.  You just stare at the computer screen until beads of blood form on your brow. Seemed logical, so I thought I would try.  Except what happened was that I channeled some on my characters.

Hero: "Hey, you know you left me in a jungle in Africa surrounded by mercenaries, don't you?"

Me: "I've been busy with the holidays."

Hero: "And look what you gave me - dehydration, broken bones, bug bites, not even a fruit cake to quell my hunger.  Nice gifts if you're working with the bad guy.  Hey, are you?"

Me: "You know I have to do that."

Antagonist: "She's very good at springing me on you."

Hero: "Where did he come from?"

Antagonist: "Grimm Protectors, and oh, I have the girl."

Heroine to the hero: "When am I getting rescued?"

Hero: "I'm in Africa. Where are you?"

Heroine: "New York."

Hero to me: "Are my miles points up to date? I'm going to need a plane."

Heroine: "I'm in a basement in New York with Snidely Whiplash. Someone get me out of here."

Antagonist: "It's Lucian Davelos, and it is a very nice basement."

Me: "Wait! You are all not even the same book."

Hero: "We're all in the same head, though, and if you would finish one book before you started another, everything would be fine."

Me: "It doesn't work like that for me. Sometimes I get a flash of brilliance and have to go with it."

Hero: "Like the time I was in a crashing plane one minute, and the next, I'm in stage with a guitar in my hand.

Me: "Relax, you lived didn't you?"

Hero: "I get the feeling that might be only until you get back to the book."

Me: "Maybe. I haven't thought about that much."

All three: "Get us out of here."

Me: "Okay. Stop talking and let me think. Hero pulls semi automatic out of his backpack and cleanly cuts down all the mercenaries. He jumps into one of the jeeps and speeds away to complete his mission in Tanzania."

Hero: "Well all right.  That's much better."

Me:  "Heroine uses the self-defense technique taught to her by her love interest...."

Hero: "I didn't teach her anything. We just met."

Me: "The love interest isn't you."

Heroine: "Good he isn't my type anyway."

Hero: "I resent that. I do believe I am the perfect romance hero - handsome, resourceful, good body with brains to match."

Heroine: "So that's why you were stuck in a jungle for three weeks?"

Hero: "You're in a basement with some guy in a black hat."

Antagonist: "We brilliant anti-heroes rarely wear hats any more."

Me: "May I finish?"

All three:  "By all means."

Me: "Heroine uses the techniques she learned to incapacitate her captor and gets away."

Heroine: "A bit cliché, but I can live with it until you get to the rewrite."

Antagonist: "Wouldn't I have a henchman that would hear her and stop her?"

Me: "Humm, that would be a nice plot point.  I may use that.  Thanks, Lucian,"

Antagonist: "My pleasure."

All three: "So now what?"

Me: "Not sure.  I left a secondary character inside a hidden base in Oregon.  I think I need to find out what happened to him."

Hero: "What? Not another book."

Me: "The start of one."

Hero: "Can we get back to my book?"

Me: "Okay."

Hero: "Wait  that isn't me."

Me: "Sigh.  It is today."

Kathryn Quick is the author of 19 books in contemporary romance, historical romance, urban fantasy with writing partner Patt Milhailoff, and non-fiction.  Her newest series Bachelors Three to be release by the Wild Rose Press begins with, a geek to chic romantic comedy with life-changing consequences.


  1. ROFL! Love it, Kathye. At least they didn't have this conversation in the middle of the night (when my characters usually decide to whine).

  2. Thanks Gina - I knock mine out with Ambien!

  3. At least your characters have gumption, Kathye. Mine tend to say something like. "Okay, you got me into this. Now what?"

    1. Our creations are not very cooperative, are they?

  4. Kathye--
    What a hoot! This is a fun way to show the inner battles/conversations writers have with their characters. Who says writers talk to themselves--we're talking with our characters :-)

    1. Victoria, I knew my fellow writers would understand. We have more voices in our heads than Sybil!

  5. You are a hoot, woman! :) At present, my characters are being annoyingly quiet. (I think they have laryngitis too.)

  6. This is so much fun, Kathye. My characters keep me awake at night when they're unhappy with their outcome. Frequently, I listen!