Thursday, May 21, 2015


by Sierra Donovan
I had to email my husband (on his own computer, in the next room) with the bad news: it's over between us.

Don't judge me. You'll understand when you read this powerful, compelling message of seduction from a new, male Facebook friend.

Thanks so very much for accepting my friend request .actually, I was browsing through my profile when I came across your beautiful profile page, Anyway there was no way I could just flip pass your page when I saw how astonishing beautiful you look, I must say Your beauty beats the imagination of almost all men in their fantasy world Lol. .Well I'm here to make friends or something more, and I think you're cool with your profile .. I'm a widowed man with a lonely heart, I will like to get to know you more if you don't mind ..may the good lord bless you and your family hope to hear from you soon

All grammar and punctuation have been preserved to capture the message in its simple beauty. Finally, a man who “gets it.”

My husband, on the other hand, was disturbingly cavalier. His response to me, minutes later:

If he's a banker from Nigeria, GO FOR IT!

Surely now you know why I'd chuck it all for this last chance at true happiness.

In fact, my husband's flippant remark got my wheels turning. What if my new dream date IS a rich banker from Nigeria in disguise? For all his eloquence, his English is a bit flawed. Maybe this is a test. He wants to make sure I love him for who he is, not what he has, before he whips out his big bank book.

Of course, if I want to take him up on his offer, I'd better act quick. There's no telling how many other potential true loves he's already contacted -- or how many of them will leap to respond!


  1. I love this post. Your husband sounds like a keeper!

  2. I had a FB stalker from England a few months ago. Relentless chap I must say. Anyway, we amazingly beautiful women who manage to stop FB dead in its tracks should form a club of something. LOL

    BTW - your HUB is a gem.

  3. Ugh. Sorry to break this to you, Sierra, but we've got the same rich banker pursuing us. Okay, okay. I'll take a step back and leave him all to you. It'll be a cut, but, hey, I've got other offers - from "hot girls" in eastern Europe, from someone who has "a crush and I was never brave enough to tell you. Just click on this link...", and most recently, a phone request to reverse charges from an incarcerated individual. So don't worry about me. I've got some other options. You go for it. :) (You're a hoot.)

  4. The competition is stiff out there ... it's every woman for herself!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. You just broke my heart. I thought that rich Nigerian was mine alone.