Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Of Kitty Cats... and Gardens... and Cozy Books

I have a new foster kitty, Miss Luna Dragon Sparkles. She came to us a, well, an insane, psychotic mess. L But who wouldn’t be a little psychotic with her history. Surrendered to an animal shelter when her elderly owner could no longer care for her, she languished in solitude for a while, unable to “play nicely with the other children.”
First day in our home when she was still
a psychotic mess, although she decided
my husband's chest was a pretty good
place to rest... warily.

Shelters, despite their wonderful works, are anxiety inducing places for animals that are used to a previously calm, quiet lifestyle, so Miss Luna Dragon Sparkles' unsavory disposition made her a social pariah and a difficult adoptee in that setting. Sadly,  the shelter to which she was surrendered is also a “kill” shelter, so when things get a little crowded... You get the picture. The shelter attempts to spread the adoptees out to other shelters before things turn bleak. Cue my hometown shelter that is a “no-kill” facility. In other words, the population in my city is large enough to support a steady stream of folks willing to foster animals to give them a break from the shelter until they can be adopted by their forever people. The foster family posts pictures, exposing the animal's true nature. In a more calm setting, you get a sense of their personality and are better able to describe the animal and determine the sort of family dynamic that would be best for the animal in your temporary care.

Sure, she was a psychotic mess when she came to us, but you should see her today! She is lovely! I work from home, “writin’ books and other litr’ary mischief.” It’s a solitary business, but she fills my quiet days with hilarity. She has decided that I work too hard, so throughout the day she brings me her toys. These are no little tiny squeaky furry things or light-weight feathery things. She brings me giant toys consisting of baubles on fishing poles, plushy squeaky things in wicker balls, heavy toys made of jute and feathers and MDF board. These, she drags up and down the stairs, in her mouth with a clunk, clunk, clunk of the solid bits. (She has to live in what we call the "tower", ranging from our bedroom and bath to my office below, separate from our other kitty.) She sounds out a cute little “frrrppppt” trill to inform me of her hard work in bringing me these things. At first, I thought she was seeking my attention, but no, she brings them, drops them, then goes to one of her favorite spots to curl up, usually in my lap or atop my keyboard. "Here, human. You've worked hard today. Enjoy a catnip-filled plushy 'possum while I sleep in your lap and prevent general productivity."
Luna Dragon Sparkles brings me her favorite fishing pole toy.
Luna Dragon Sparkles helps with the office renovation.
But what does this have to do with gardens and cozy books?

The hammock life is what this kitty cat needs. She needs someone with a quiet garden, (or a love of non-toxic house plants) and a fondness for cozy books. She is a tidy little thing, (although I suspect at one time she was quite rotund, evidenced by her very round rib cage and some solid fat that still resolutely resides between her shoulder blades. She does love her mealtimes.)
Imagine it: you, a beautiful, snuggly kitty cat… in a garden… with a cozy book. It just doesn’t get any better!

Sofie Couch writes sweet romance and cozy mysteries. Kitty cats rarely play a part in the plot, but there is a great deal of cat fur in the keyboard and feline spirit infused into each story. Her latest, Baby Byrd is available in paperback or in e-format for pre-order. 


  1. Sofie, I love your post. Miss Luna sounds wonderful and has been blessed with such a loving foster mom. Thanks to you and others like you, thousands of kitties are saved every year. Thanks you for what you do.

    1. Thanks, Fran. Cats and books. They're a perfect combo! Thanks for taking the time to read!

  2. Love this, Sofie. You saved her life and she's obviously brought joy to yours. A definite win-win.

    1. Thanks, Sandy. The real win-win is cats and books! Wham-o!

  3. Hi Sofie--
    What a wonderful service you and your family are involved in. And what a lucky kitty cat Miss Luna Dragon Sparkles is to have found your loving home. I hope she finds a permanent home just as you described.