Thursday, January 24, 2019

People Who Scare People

We are all in the computer age. Whether that is a monitor and keyboard or a laptop or a tablet, we are sometimes at the mercy of miserable people who delight in scaring us with viruses, threats of destruction and malignant programming. 

I had such a scare this last weekend which sent me straight to the anti-virus on my computer but did nothing to alleviate the sense of having been assaulted. If you are using the popular browser specifically for a particular computer brand, you may have had this experience. 

Warnings about this assault are the hot topic on the IT fora but until you see the red-lettered words threatening to destroy your work and your equipment, you won't know the sense of dismay and panic that could send you straight to the hospital!

When I was young, my brother explained to me that there are two kinds of people in the world: 

  • Those who build
  • Those who destroy
Thankfully, most of us are builders: our work, our lives, our families, our homes, our communities.

Those who enjoy tearing down are incapable of any of those processes. They are thrilled only by the destruction of what others have made. Their anger and resentment is pitted against the creative forces of life.

Guarding against these people who enjoy scaring people is a lifelong enterprise but we can never let them prevent our continuing efforts to construct.


  1. Leigh, I agree with you: We should continue to construct even though there are people who want to destroy. Every time I've been hacked, I get angry and sad at the same time that there are people who have nothing better to do than to hurt others. You have to wonder what goes through the heads of people like that.

    1. So sorry you've been hacked, Fran. All these interruptions are such a waste of our valuable time - I think that's the destroyers' whole purpose. I don't feel sad for them at all.

  2. You are so right, Leigh. Some people really are destroyers. How sad for them. They must be truly miserable to behave that way.

    1. I think destroying gives them a sense of 'power' and vengeance since they have nothing to contribute. Their behavior is their own choice, unfortunate for the rest of us.

  3. Hi Leigh--
    So sorry you had this scare and invasion of your peace of mind. I'm hopeful you got past that. Continue to construct.

  4. The scare was the worst of it. I knew what to do, fortunately, and the effect was minimal to my equipment. But the time taken out of my day to deal with the problem was the biggest loss.