Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Buzzing along with Elisabeth Rose

My car has an annoying little buzzing rattle. It’s on the passenger side so I can’t thump things and fiddle about trying to stop it while I’m driving. Of course, at traffic lights it stops so I can’t find it then either, and it stops when I go around a corner or a curve in the road.

It’s not the glove box cover or something inside the glove box. It’s not the trim along the dashboard although when my husband was a passenger he gave it an almighty thump and the noise stopped ( see February post about my husband’s solution to things that need fixing). Perhaps he temporarily frightened whatever it was because it was quiet for quite a long time after that attack.

It seems to come from the door or at least way across that side but it isn’t the blue collapsible umbrella in the side pocket on the door. Maybe it’s the air vent or the speaker for the radio.

Last summer I decided it was something in the seat because if I pulled on the side of the bit you sit on it stopped, so I shoved a glove down between the seat and the frame. Just the finger tips poked out and it looked as though someone was trapped under the seat trying to get out. When winter came I spent ages looking for the missing glove until I spied the little trapped person and remembered where it was.

This summer it seems worse but I haven’t remembered to shove the glove back into place until after I start on my way and then it’s too late.

I love Red Rover—my red VW Golf—but his rattle is very annoying. I think I need to get my husband back on board and drive about until we track this little pest down.  

Sweet contemporary romance from Escape and Montlake
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  1. My buzz is always my GPS against the windshield. :) Or it could be gremlins in the glove box.

  2. Funny, I had a rattle this morning. Maybe in preview to this post. Turns out it was the huge balck marker I keep in my car to color in scuffs when I run into things like shopping carts or when someone dings my car with their car door. My husband cringes when he sees me pulling the marker out of my glove compartment

    Wonder what he wouid do if he saw the Krylon spray paint can in the trunk? That'a reserved for minor bumper mishaps! LOL

  3. Much to my shame I drown out any rattles in my car with the radio. I only ever hear them if I'm in the car with my husband who is not a radio listener. I have it on all the time and he tells me off because he says that way I'll never know if something is rattling - it works for me though:-) LOL

  4. Noises like that can make a person crazy. Your story reminds me of my mom who has lost her cell phone. Months ago. She and my brothers have searched her car numerous times, and I wish I was in PA so I could conduct a search myself.

  5. I love the marker pen solution, Kathye. :)

    And yes, Sheila, I always have the radio on too when I drive and sometimes it drowns out the noise.

    I did have a minor break through today! I figured out it was the headrest so I pushed it right down and the noise almost went away. It's still buzzing a little bit inside the seat back so I'll have to experiment with headrest heights.

    I also think I had two rattles one of which my husband fixed in his usual 'give it a thump' fashion. :)

    It certainly can drive a person nuts!