Saturday, March 15, 2014

Facebooks-Pininteresting-Twitterers-and All That Jazz

To market, to market, to buy…. A book. That’s what I’d like to hear from readers. They strolled through their favorite bookstore, or scrolled down Amazon Kindle pages and found a book that sounded interesting and purchased it.  Bottom line=they get enjoyment and authors get a royalty. 

IF ONLY it were that easy today!

I am not a marketing guru. Half of the conversations I’ve been in concerning this subject turned me into a bobblehead: I smile, nod and pretend to understand.

What happened to word of mouth? Oh wait, I suppose it’s jumped ship to FB and tweets. Unlike Ellen at the Oscars,  I’m afraid a selfie of me and my book covers will not shut down a Twitter feed. And I betcha my fellow authors on this blog feel the same way.

Therefore, WE DEPEND ON YOU READERS to get the word out! Please post our links to your Facebook page or tweet about us. And post a review on Amazon. Don’t gut our work or tell the whole story, but please be interactive in this techno-society. 

Because this bobblehead needs you.

Thank you.

10-4, good buddy. 

Over and out.

I’m off to program my VCR. 

Eileen Key retired after teaching school for thirty years. She is a freelance writer and editor, with two mysteries and five novellas published. Mother of three, grandmother of four, Eileen resides in Texas. Find her novels on Amazon. 



  1. Eileen, I feel your marketing pain. I'd rather write than market. I don't tweet or is it twitter? Because, I don't understand how it works. I don't have a self-managed website because I don't have time to sit and figure it out. Digital sales are slowly replacing face-to-face book signings. Oh, woe is me! You've touched on an excellent topic.

    1. Loretta, we can learn though. It's a brave new world.

    2. Have to say, never had the chance to chat with an author before the techno age, I just glanced at the photo on the book and thought, they look nice. It's fun to actually "hear" yes sound is probably coming, to hear from my favorite authors. I promote for all my favorites and don't mind doing it but I understand it must be tiring for you. Keep writing there are so many of us that you bring pleasure to and you'll never know.

  2. Well said, Eileen! Readers are more important than ever: their opinions and recommendations drive what we do and what we sell.

  3. It is, as a really great writer said, "...the best of times, the worst of times." We have the freedom to take charge of own writing career, but that freedom comes at the cost of loss of writing time. Great post, Eileen.

  4. I do still have and can use a VCR! But I am grateful for newer technologies that introduce me to authors and allow a two way conversation.