Thursday, December 11, 2014

What to Bring to a Holiday Party

Zelda  Benjamin

Every year, the winter holidays have a way of sneaking up on us. I'm that person who RSVPs the last minute to all those party invitations. My head spins with what to wear or what to bring.

It's Always About Dessert

This year I've discovered the perfect dessert. It's easy to make and fun to eat. The possibilities are endless.

Use champagne glasses for the holder. I buy mine at the Dollar Store. There are so many candy choices for the base - M&Ms, red and white peppermints, or gum balls. I'm using blue and silver M&Ms for Chanukah. Chocolate cupcakes in silver paper will sit on top. I'll change the colors for the Christmas Eve party I've been invited to. Red, white, and green chocolate covered sunflower seeds will fill the bottom. For New Year's I'm going to go with silver and white.

Easy Peasy

How simple is this dessert? The most difficult part is shopping for the candy filling. I find that candy stores like It'Sugar have a plethora of colors and shapes. However, if you plan early enough you can get better candy prices online.

Too Many M&Ms

Need something to do with those extra M&Ms. Whip up another batch of cupcakes and make these adorable reindeer. Use icing to make the eyes and nose stick.

Wishing everyone a classic and cozy holiday season.
Remember to eat chocolate everyday.


  1. What a clever idea. You and Sofie should put your heads together and write a book about books and chocolate (two of my favorite things).

  2. Those look too cute to eat. Which, my dietician will be happy to hear me say. :-)

  3. Zelda--
    I love, love, love that adorable little cupcake reindeer! Thanks for the idea and the champagne glass idea is a nice one too.

  4. Chocolate. Chocolate that looks pretty. If that chocolate could dole out massages, we'd be all set!

  5. I'm totally stealing these ideas and using them!