Friday, December 5, 2014

Gingerbread Spice and Books that are Nice!

Can it be? Nearly a whole year (calendar year) has gone by and our first year of posting here at Classic and Cozy Books has zipped by.

I’ve shredded, maimed, and mauled books, (old books that had a full and rich life and were ready to serve in another capacity), and most of those book crafts have been put to use in my own home.

Next year promises a new theme. In the meantime, if you have enjoyed the book crafts, I invite you to visit and follow me over at Pinterest! (Sofie321)

I also invite you to make use of a book… or two… or three… in the way they were meant to be enjoyed – with a cuppa tea in one hand, your feet propped up in front of you, and a wonderful Classic and Cozy novel to warm your heart and transport you to a magical world!

May next year bring you great joy, plenty of reading time, and a treasure trove of great books under your Christmas tree. May I suggest a few wonderful authors? They’re all on the “nice” list!

Loretta C. Rogers
Jean C. Gordon
Zelda Benjamin
Sandy Cody
Sandra Wilkins
Carol Hutchens
Sierra Donovan
Fran McNabb
Gina Ardito
Leigh Verrill Rhys
Tracey Lyons
Victoria M. Johnson
Joani Ascher
Christine Bush
Kathye Quick
Janis Susan May
Jayne Ormerod
Kay Finch
Elisabeth Rose
Karen McCullough
Martha Ambrose
Sheila Claydon


  1. I think I belong on the naughty list - LOL

    I wish I was artsy-crafy. Both my mom and my late sister were. I think that gene passed me by.

    Merry Christmas to you and a happy, healthy, sales-filled 2015

  2. Thanks, Kathye! And you are definitely on the "nice" list. I've got connections. ;o)

  3. Can it really be a year? I've enjoyed all your crafty book ideas, but have to confess I haven't tried one yet. Like Kathye, I'm not crafty. Thanks for including me in your list.

    BTW, to anyone looking for a fun romance, I've read Keeping Up with Mr. Jones and recommend it. Hope you all have a great holiday season and the year ahead is filled with fun and happy surprises.

  4. Hi Sofie--
    The year passed quickly. I, too, enjoyed your crafty posts and look forward to seeing what you'll be doing next year :-) Happy Holidays, everyone!