Monday, August 31, 2015

The Big "C" Visited Me



Unsuspected…there is no family history, you see.

Uterine Cancer is the fourth main cause of death in women so I’m sharing details in hopes that you can protect yourselves. Search for the the symptoms for cancer that were on Yahoo front page last week. But don’t let that be your only guide.  I only had two of those symptoms.

Fatigue…if you’re juggling family, job and writing then you’re bound to be exhausted. No surprise there.

Spotting…there is absolutely “No Bleeding Allowed” after menopause. I picked up a box of books, felt pain and then spotting. A Pap smear taken the same day as my biopsy came back normal. But the biopsy didn’t.

I am lucky. The surgeon found no attachment of the tumor to the uterus lining or any cells. Other than being larger than he would hope I seem to have a bright outlook.

My GP said lifting the box of books had nothing to do with the spotting…I choose to believe differently. You and I know we share a special karma with books and two weeks after surgery I’m itching to crawl back into my story in progress when the fog in my brain clears.

So stay alert about your health. Be your own best health advocate. Know your body and seek medical help if you have any suspicious signs. Stay safe.

And read…

So what are some of the good books you are reading now?


  1. Carol, thank you for sharing this. It will remind all of us to be vigilant. You may have saved a life. So glad you're healing and sending hope that you continue on that road.

  2. Hi Carol--
    Thank goodness you followed your instinct and caught this early. So happy the surgeon found no spreading to other tissue. Wishing you a speedy recovery and time to get back to your work in progress. Take care.

  3. Carol - glad you caught this in time. My sister ignored the subtle signs and it cost her. Now you can write more wonderful books.

  4. Kathy's,
    I shared this because the signs were so subtle I almost missed them and wanted to send an alert. So sorry about your sister.

  5. Thanks for sharing. My MD also said that we can never ignore spotting--much as we'd like to. Mine turned out to be nothing, but obviously yours was not.

  6. Carol, it often takes courage to share so candidly. Thank you. And good luck in your continued pursuit to wellness.

  7. Sharing isn't easy...I still haven't told all the family...but it might help readers of the blog.
    Deborah and Sydell...thank you for taking time to comment.

  8. Carol, what a brave person - to share and to meet challenges head on. I'm so glad your prognosis is a positive one!